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IDG Water Solutions have over Fifteen years of customer experience in solar heating systems, solar heater repair, point of entry (POE) water filter systems, water piping repairs, water pump, and related products. Through our in-depth knowledge and well experience, our clients can trust in the Servicing, Maintenance, and Repairs of Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Stainless steel water tanks, solar collector panels (Thermal), Solar Water Heater installation, solar water heating system, solar hot water heater repair, pre-heating processes, water filter system, water filter installation, water pump installation, and water pump wiring. Our solar heater repair is done by our team of trained professionals who will ensure your solar water heating repair is done efficiently and smoothly.

In addition, we also supply and install solar accessories and equipment such as hot water pumps, cold water pressure pumps, solar water heater heating elements, electrical heating elements, electric backup heaters, PT valves (pressure temperature relief valves), electric thermostats and electrical sensor equipment. We provide In-house installers and service personnel to give our customers total peace of mind regarding spare part replacement, after-sales service support, site inspection, and installation. At IDG Water Solutions, we have the technical competencies for Maintenance, repair, and to service of all brands, especially when it comes to solar hot water system repairs, water filters, booster pumps, and water piping available in Malaysia, such as:

  • Summer
  • Solarmate
  • Solarpower
  • Solahart
  • Solarlux
  • Aquasolar
  • Aqua solar
  • Solarwave
  • Mysolar
  • Monier
  • Pecol
  • Matahari
  • Solarplus
  • Solarmax
  • Green solar
  • Solarpolo
  • Puregen
  • Ecopurifier
  • Calgon Water Pump
  • Grundfos Water Pump
  • Tsumani Water Pump
  • Joven Water Pump
  • Polyethylene Aluminum (PA)
  • Buteline Pipe
  • Polypropylene Rondom Copolymer (PPR)
  • Stainless Steel Tube
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Hanson Pipe
  • Polypipe
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump - New Water Pump - Old

Instant Heater Replacement (New & Old) 

New Instant Heater - 1  Old Instant Heater - 1

Solar Heating Element Replacement

Solar Power Heating Element - 1 Solar Power Heating Element 

Water Filter Replacement

Water Filter - 1 Water Filter - 2

Solar Heater Replacement

Summer solar heater  Solar power heater 

Water Piping Repairing

Water Piping Repairing

Solar Hot Water Solution Provider

Water piping is critical to any plumbing system that delivers safe drinking water to homes and businesses. Unfortunately, water pipes can deteriorate, leak, or burst over time, causing property damage and disrupting your water supply. Water piping or solar water heating repair can be complicated, requiring specialized tools and expertise. When it comes to solar hot water repairs, it takes skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out the task efficiently. Over time, the solar hot water system pipes may leak or become clogged with mineral deposits, reducing system efficiency and leading to higher energy bills. Typically, solar hot water system repairs are necessary to locate the leak or blockage and replace or repair the affected section of the pipe.

To summarise, solar hot water heater repair and piping is a complex and specialized task that necessitates the skills and knowledge of a professional plumber. It is critical to address any water piping issues immediately to prevent further damage and ensure a safe and dependable water supply to your home or business. Don’t forget to book your slot for solar hot water repairs to maintain your system in optimum efficiency.

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