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We are one of the innovative solar water heating system suppliers. With the evolution of technology, homeowners and businesses can increase their energy independence by employing solar hot water systems because they can produce their energy and are less dependent on conventional energy sources. Furthermore, compared to other types of water heating systems, solar water heaters require comparatively lesser maintenance but can last for many years when in the utmost care of professional solar hot water system suppliers like us! IDG Water Solutions (Innovative Design Group) is committed to providing sales, services, and maintenance of high-quality products such as Hot Water Heating systems, Water Booster pumps, Water Filtration Systems, and Heat Pump systems for both residential and commercial markets. Furthermore, our efforts extend beyond providing excellent products and services to those in need, and we are constantly striving to be a great company.

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Solar Hot Water Heating System
Solar Hot Water Heating System
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Top Solar Water Heater Supplier

Did you know that heating water for various uses with a solar water heater is affordable and environmentally beneficial? Sourcing solar hot water suppliers is the first step to gaining sustainability for your home. With a solar-powered water heater, no greenhouse gasses are emitted, and no pollution is created in the process. Additionally, because these systems rely on sunshine, a renewable resource, you can be confident that the energy you use to satisfy your demands is emission-free. IDG Water Solutions continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will significantly impact energy saving and provide the best solutions for you and your family. That said, we are your ultimate solar water heater supplier. This system is an excellent addition to stepping up your game in saving energy costs, cutting carbon emissions, and improving overall household, commercial, or industrial sustainability. IDG Water Solutions provide residential and commercial sales and service for:-

1. Hot Water Thermal System

  • Storage water heater
  • Instant water heater
  • Solar hot water system
  • Heat machine

2. Water Booster Pump

  • Residential booster pump
  • Commercial booster pump

3. Water Filtration System

  • POE (point of entry) water filter
  • POU (Point of use) water filter
  • Sand water filter
  • Membrane water filter

4. Plumbing Works

  • Hot & cold-water piping system
  • Underground pipeline

5. Cold Water Storage Tank

  • King Kong storage tank

6. Service & Maintenance

  • Storage heater
  • Instant water heater
  • Solar hot water system
  • Water filter
  • Water booster pump
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