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IDG Water Solutions (Innovative Design Group) is committed to providing sales, services, and maintenance of high-quality products such as Solar Hot Water Heating System, Water Booster Pump, Water Filtration system and Heat Pump System for both residential and commercial markets. Our solar water heater system in Malaysia technology warms water for domestic, industrial, or commercial usage using energy from the sun. We are licensed and insured for your ultimate protection!

IDG Water Solutions

Solar Water Heater System in Malaysia

We at IDG Water Solutions are an efficient solar water heater system in Malaysia. Offering a variety of water solutions products, such as solar hot water system in Malaysia, storage tank hot water system, water booster pumps, plumbing works, and water filtration systems. The water in the storage tank is kept at a consistent temperature for showers, washing dishes, clothes, and other household chores. The hot water is transferred from the storage tank to the site of usage via the circulation pump.

Systems for heating water with solar power are both economical and environmentally friendly. A solar hot water system in Malaysia serves as a sustainable substitute for traditional heating systems by reducing energy usage and carbon emissions. With this solution, you can drastically lower long-term energy expenses, and it is especially effective in locations with abundant sunlight. Having a sustainable and environmentally beneficial feature, installing a solar hot water system can also raise a property’s value.

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  • Solar hot water system
  • Storage tank hot water system
  • Water booster pump
  • Plumbing works
  • Water filtration system
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